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Solo Exhibition- Amanda Lee

and the remaining ashes are facts

October 26 – December 21, 2018
Kahilu Theatre Galleries

Opening Reception - Friday November 2, 4:30-6:30pm
No host bar and light pupu will be on offer.

Artist Walkthrough- Friday November 2, 5:30pm

Kahilu Exhibits presents a solo show by poetic, printmaking activist Amanda Lee.

North Carolina I, Speak of the Object Series

and the remaining ashes are facts is a series of silkscreen prints on paper, including two large-scale  print installtions. The show consists of two bodies of work, Speak of the Object and Accretion of Knowledge.

Speak of the Object, is inspired from her time working in and documenting domestic violence shelters in the United States and Italy. With these images, Lee amplifies the importance of the vital but nearly invisible network of places that nurture and support survivors of inter-personal violence.  Her minimal images remind viewers that inter-personal violence is divorced from theology, nationality, or class.

Iowa II, Speak of the Object Series

A new series including pieces created to debut at Kahilu Theatre, Accretion of Knowledge attempts to capture the vastness of knowledge offered by natural spaces-in this case a beach on the Salish Sea in Washington State. This series of screen prints are inspired by the form of sacred texts, and the documentation of ideas through books and manuscripts but the knowledge described within the pieces is more intuitive than rational. Repetitive photographic images of Rosario Beach are presented in fields with hand drawn meditative marks that make an ephemeral moment durable. 

Return Feels Like a Sacrament, Signs I

Amanda Lee is a multi-media artist, a poetic printmaking activist, who is fascinated with the possibilities that exist in the space that fills a pause, the thing in between, be it emotional or physical, the space that many of us overlook on our way there from here.

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