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The Voyager Exhibit 2017
January 2nd-February 9th, 2017

Presented by The Waimea Ocean Film Festival and Nā Kālai Wa‘a

© 2015 Polynesian Voyaging Society. Photo credit: ‘Ōiwi TV Photographer Jason Patterson

"In honor of Hōkūle‘a’s current Worldwide Voyage (WWV), The Voyager Exhibit features photographs from 2015 and 2016, taken by the ‘Ōiwi TV photographers on board. 

Hōkūle‘a left the Pacific Ocean for the first time in 2015 in a momentous sail from New Zealand, to Australia, Bali, Mauritius and finally Cape Town, South Africa. In 2016, Hōkūle‘a sailed across the Atlantic, touched land in Brazil, sailed through the Caribbean, traveled through the river ways of Florida, maneuvered up the eastern seaboard utilizing inland waterways, sailed up the Potomac and into Washington, D.C., headed into New York City, sailed upthe Hudson as far as Montreal, traveled up the eastern seaboard as far as Nova Scotia, and then sailed down to Norfolk, Virginia, for dry-dock just outside one of the largest naval yards in the world. It was an extraordinary year. The exhibit shares this accomplishment and the sense and feel of being on the journey. 

Only 40 years after her maiden voyage to Tahiti, Hōkūle‘a nears completion of her full circumnavigation around the world. The maiden voyage of Hōkūle’a in 1976 involved the vision, sponsorship and support of hundreds of people, including the instrumental efforts of Tommy Holmes, Ben Finney and Herb Kane—the original founders of the Polynesian Voyaging Society— who made the building and voyage of Hōkūle‘a their life work and brought her into being. It relied on the teachings and inspiration of Mau Piulug, the Micronesian navigator who brought the ancient art of wayfinding and knowledge of celestial navigation back to Hawai‘i; the sponsorship, support and interest of the National Geographic Society, whomade the voyage possible; and the long hours of the many people who worked hard to build the canoe, learn how to navigate and make the crossing. 

The first voyage of Hōkūle‘a was made possible through the concerted effort of this diverse group of individuals. It is through the combined effort of many people of diverse backgrounds working together—a spirit embodied by Mau Piulug and foundational and conditional to his working with Hōkūle‘a—that Hōkūle‘a continues on this extraordinary and momentous voyage. The crew on board bears the responsibility of the many people who have believed in and supported the voyage—a weight her leaders feel most acutely. The exhibit reflects and shares a glimpse into the extent of the accomplishment and sense and feel of being on the journey. ‘Ōiwi TV photographers, whose work is on display, are Nā‘ālehu Anthony, Justyn Ah Chong, Kamakanioka‘āina Paikai, Sam Kapoi, Kaipo Kī‘aha, Maui Tauotaha, Jason Patterson and Bryson Hoe.

The Voyager Exhibit includes the 8x13-foot world map developed in collaboration between the festival and Nā Kālai Wa‘a in 2014 to highlight and track the WWV route and bring the magnitude of the expedition to life. A number of members of Nā Kālai Wa‘a volunteer their time to update the voyage map each year, along with installing The Voyager Exhibit, preparing for the opening ceremony and developing curriculum for student visits."- Seventh Annual Waimea Ocean Film Festival Program

© 2015 Polynesian Voyaging Society. Photo credit: ‘Ōiwi TV Photographer Bryson Hoe

For more information on Hōkūle‘a’s current Worldwide Voyage and the Waimea Ocean Film Festival visit:

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