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Kahilu Theatre holds education as our heart and our priority, and we are privileged to partner with artists, educators, and organizations that share our commitment to strengthen the role the arts play in creating whole, healthy human beings.  We invest in arts education because we want our children to know themselves well, discover their passion and their purpose, learn responsibility, move and dance and sing, and feel safe to tell their stories, whatever they might be.

Kahilu Theatre manages three primary educational programs under the brand of Arts Ed @ Kahilu:  Performances for Young Audiences, Kahilu Performing Arts Classes (KPAC), and Kahilu Partnerships. 

Performances for Young Audiences, formerly Youth Shows, are special matinee performances built into our annual presenting season for students ages 5-18 from public and private schools, as well as homeschoolers. On this rural island in the middle of the Pacific, these shows are often the only exposure to professional art that these students have access to and these performances are a rare and delightful experience of live music, dance, and theatre of very high quality. Performances for Young Audiences are often different from the Season stage performance. The artists add to their craft their personal stories, demonstrations, and engaging interactions with their young audiences, bringing the entire Theatre reveling in joy.

Kahilu Performing Arts Classes (KPAC) offers a full menu of afternoon and evening classes in dance, acting, singing, and musical theatre, offering more than thirty hours of instruction weekly to 200 students of all ages and interests each fall and spring. KPAC also includes a summer dance camp and the Kahilu Performing Arts Workshop (KPAW), a two-week program led by KPAC alumni who want to give back to the next generation so that art continues to thrive in our community. Classes take place on our stage and in the Mike Luce Studio, and we offer scholarships. 

Kahilu Partnerships leverage our expertise as well as our beautiful facility. We work with local schools
to make the arts accessible and meaningful to students. Since 2008, our Kahilu Arts (K-Arts) partnership with Waimea Middle School has given hundreds of middle school students their time to shine on our stage not only as performers but also as producers and backstage tech. 
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